It's been a week since I returned from the recent Joe Friel and TriDynamic triathlon camp in Mallorca. I've had the fortune to work with the two giants of triathlon and camps for the las three years and the lure of some warm weather training in March made me more excited than a kid in a sweetshop. Packing my summer bike clothes felt strange, but not something I was alien to. When I was ten we went on a family holiday to Tenerife in February and I couldn't get my head around getting a burnt nose at that time of year - how come the UK didn't have sun at this time of year. My nose has been subjected to a fair few peelings since.

The camp was amazing. To be standing next to the man that is Joe Friel when he is delivering his swim principles is an honour and despite his broken shoulder meaning he couldn't ride, the way he delivers a session instills the athletes with confidence and makes it seem simple to get faster. And it is. The majority of swimmers got faster in a 500 meter time trial at the end of the week, despite 20 hours of training during the week. 

We had 22 athletes on the camp, steered in the right direction by Mr TriDynamic, Martin. Organisation is second to none and the campers left with a goodie bag from HUUB wetsuits and Powerbar. I would like to think that my contribution to the campers was a few giggles, learning how to get your wetsuit on and off quickly and learning the universal cycling game of sprint for the town limits sign and get to the top of the mountain first.

the cycling in mallorca