In the past few days I have had the pleasure of spending time with some people on a camp in Mallorca. 

I have offered tips on swimming, I have videoed them running and try to help improve their cycling and with the help of Tridynamic we have put together quite possibly the best camp lead by the best guides in the most amazing location.

I am fortunate enough to have been to some amazing places - for races, camps and holidays - but this has been a truly memorable experience. 

But there is one thing that has impressed me with them all and that is their attitude. I asked them to come with open minds and a willingness to try. And these people have pushed their bodies so hard. From the second morning when they were saying how their legs were a bit tired to the penultimate night when one said even his eye lashes hurt - they did as I encouraged them to do - to go beyond what they normally would do. To push that little bit harder. To run a bit faster on dead legs. Not because it says so in a book. Or because it is a workout favoured by an ironman world champion. But because sometimes the only thing to do is shout a bit louder than your legs that are on fire. To chase that person ahead of you. Because honestly the pain will go away in a few days and if you haven't grasped the moment right now it may never come again. And you know it is better to regret sprinting for a meaningless King of The Mountain and lose or blow up than it is to not even try.

In life there is no secret or shortcut to success. You still work hard and you can take a measured approach and you will do well I'm sure. But as I lie here with every muscle in my legs twitching I know that I will get up in the morning and encourage everyone to give me one more big effort. Because in 2 days time the opportunity will have passed.