Sunday, day 3 and I have a bit of company in the mansions! Picked up Pablo last night from the airport and James and his girlfriend this evening.

Today was going to be a recovery day - in fact recovery day makes it sound too planned. Let's call it a do some fun touristy stuff day. But first we headed to the pool at the Kona aquatics centre. It is a real hive of activity and every time you turn around you see a different Pro. Sebastian Kienle, Yvonne Van Vlerken, Siri Lindley, Luke McKenzie, Heather Jackson, Joe Skipper, Lucy Gossage and Lucy Charles - and those are just the ones I recognised! Pretty cool and they are all super chilled, normal(ish) people that just happen to be insanely fit and fast.

I felt better than the Ho'ala swim and times were good, until it was pointed out that it was 25 yards and not meters! Blast. But nevertheless it was a swim.

I then drove to the other side of the island with a friend to do some ZipLining - I put aside my sheer dislike/fear of heights and manned up and it was really cool. There were 7 lines, ranging from really quite short and slow (the warm up one) to one about a minute long over a 250 foot drop over a waterfall. Check out my Facebook page for the video!

It was an amazing (probably used up my quota of this word already) experience and the other side of the island is totally different. We spent most of the day in cloud and some really heavy rain. The vegetation is so lush and green and there were all sorts of crops growing on the estate - banana, guava, ginger, sugar cane and we got to try it all out. Really reccomend this when you come over.

Long bike tomorrow......guess I had better do a bit of training