Today was the Ho'ala practise swim. A chance to swim the whole course with others. Great experience and some useful insights - such as sighting is hard. No real land marks - hoping there will be more buoys on the day as kept drifting right.Had no oomph in my arms at all and came in exactly on 1 hour. Had some lovely fruit after, sitting on the grass watching the athletes finish and soaking up the atmosphere.

After some coffee I decided to run to Energy Lab. Glad I did as it is further than I expected. A bit overcast with a nice breeze but still warm. I ended up running 13 miles which was about 3 miles further than I wanted but pleased with getting the duration into the legs. 

Chilled out by the pool back at the condo. More and more people arriving and great to have the buzz about the place. Still a bit surreal that I am here, everyone is super fit and walking past all the places that I have read about and seen on the coverage is really cool.