My watch says it is 16:24 Thursday Hawaiian time but my body tells me it is 03:25 the day after and I have been dressed for 22 hours and according to the in flight planner thing I still have 3 and a half hours of flying time left and then a car trip to the condo at the end of Ali'i drive. 

I managed to get an emergency exit row on the way to LA and so I had loads of leg room and could come and goals I please. However the flight to Kona is slightly more cramped and I am sitting over the wing, I need the loo and both the French people sitting next to me are asleep. 

I can't wait to get to the accommodation, unpack and then get out and about among it all. I am hoping to swim, ride and run on the Friday. Then Saturday I have the swim race - where you get to swim the Ironman route a week before. By all accounts the weather is living up to it's reputation and it is hot and windy out there. 

Bring it on!