I have never been that good at keeping this very up to date. Consistency in training is vital and I guess it is a good sign that I prioritise training over reporting. However I am hoping that some new found skills in organisation and planning will mean that over the next 8 and a bit weeks (eeeek) I will provide you with an insight into what will be my final Ironman distance race for a while. I think 3 in 1 year is enough and I intend to race shorter and more local races. It is a concept I have employed previously and I will return to Long Course Racing once I feel I am done with the short stuff. 

I guess the purpose of this post is to update you on my training and I can do that in very few words - Active Recovery. Very little training and what I have done has been very easy and with friends and Oscar. I was supposed to be racing the London Olympic Plus triathlon but a wonky hamstring put paid to that. My good friend Dave had a storming race and came home in 2nd place. Chuffed for him.

Something I would also like to let you know about is something that was set up by my friends. A JustGiving page to help people support me with some of the costs of Kona as well as being able to give some money to 2 charities that are very important to me. First is MPS Society - which helps children who have a rare genetic condition known as Sanfillipo. It is a charity close to me as I know a family who have 2 children who have it. They are lovely children and an amazing family and I would love to be able to help other families who have children like Sophie and Tom. The second charity is the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. Another Charity close to my families' heart, it helps with the awareness among young people about mental well being and recognising the signs of depression not only in themselves but also in others and offers support to these people. 

Over the coming weeks as well as my training updates I hope to be able to provide you all with more information about these charities. 

I hope you agree that these 2 charities are worthwhile of any help I can give them. The page was set up with a view of raising as much money to help get me to Kona and I would like to donate as much money as possible to those two causes. I feel uncomfortable should these donations be given solely to me and it says on the page that anything above £1978 raised would go to charity. I understand people would like to support me in my journey. I am so touched by people's generosity for their donations and the kindness for setting the page up and I hope that everyone understands how much it would mean to me to be able to help others really in need.

So the next week sees me get back into some structured training. Which will be tricky as it is school holidays but Oscar loves riding when I run. He really is a great training buddy! 

Thanks for reading.


JustGiving page
MPS Society
Charlie Waller Memorial Trust