I seem to have a habit of waking up at 3:30. Which is Kind of annoying as I'd like to have 1 good night's sleep but on Saturday I will have to be up at that time anyway - I guess it is quite good that I seem to be functioning quite well at that time, although I had a little snooze in the car at about about 12:30. So with a little bit of matchbox mathematics I will need to take a caffeinated gel at150km on the bike!!

Today was back into training mode. Off to swim in the sea once more and a cracking 2.5km swim. Finally my arms have arrived and the pace was good in the parts that I wanted. The main session of the day was a 60ish mile ride from Waikaloa to Hawi and back. This is the main climb and it is usually where the wind picks up. But today, along with the cloud cover, came a distinct lack of wind. it was a bit breezy but nothing to be worried about. The climb was really nice and the descent was fast and straight. Just how I like it.

There seems to be a bit more of a buzz about the place now. Loads more people, merchandise tents popping up and the Pro racers have a bit more presence.

Definitely the highlight of the day and probably the trip was seeing my first turtle close up. Such a cool thing to witness.