Here I am. 2 days from flying to Kona. I cannot quite believe still that I am actually going to be boarding a plane in 48 hours to travel to the Big Island and that I will be hanging out (from afar) with some of the Rock Stars of this sport. The plan is to play it cool and act like I belong there but I know that I will stand out like a sore thumb for one very obvious reason - my tan. Or lack of it. I will be doing my very best Caspar the friendly ghost impression.

Over the next 2 weeks I will do my best to write a daily diary giving you the chance to share what it is like out there and what happens in my world building up to a Major race. I can promise you that convention will be loosely adhered to but there may be a few crazy things going on. There will be a lot of sunset and sunrise pictures, awkward selfie shots and a few images of turtles and lava. 

From a physical state I feel good. I have had a really good block of training since my recent meltdown and I feel that while an overall podium might be out of reach, I am capable of a reasonable performance. I have times in mind but I will keep those close to my chest!

I just want to thank everyone for the support that you have given me. Vocally, financially, mentally and emotionally. I will do my best to make you all proud of me.

If you would like to donate (and so many people have) then my justgiving page is still running and I will be donating money to the 2 charities The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and The MPS society.

The link is and any small donation would help them greatly.