Don't say it too loudly but give yourself a pat on the back. You have survived another winter. Cold, dark and wet nights. Muddy trails and poor road surfaces. Cold swimming pools and warm beds. You may have managed a few winter 5k races, maybe even the odd sportive to keep the competitive flame burning, that familiar rattle in the lungs, burning of legs and click of multiple gear changes from people around you.

Your main race is looming and you looking for that extra edge, that little something extra to finish your prep off nicely (or maybe give you the kick in the backside to start your training!)

Enter the Training Camp. A week away from the distractions of work, home, daytime tv and social media. Sure you can attempt a training camp at home but you never get that sense of freedom you get from boarding a plane and leaving all those things behind for a few days. 

So how do training camps work? 

Firstly you are surrounded but anywhere between 5 and 30 like minded people - with the support of a coach or 3 giving you feedback on your swimming, encouraging you to ride a little further today, or do 1 more hill rep with them before you head back to the buffet.

Talking of the buffet - most cases the food is plentiful - but don't worry you will be racking up up to 1300 TSS points in a week - the equivalent of 13 x 1 hour Time Trials  - so the cake at breakfast is fair game. And the best part is you don't have to do the washing up.

Training camps usually employ magic laundry fairies that will take your sweaty lycra and wash them and return them to you the next morning. If they aren't quite dry - don't worry just hang them out on the balcony and the warm sun will dry them before you can say "one scoop of pistachio ice cream, please". 

You will ride with some of the best guides in the area. Who have been programmed to show you the quiet routes away from the crowds and have a special app installed that enable them to avoid most rain showers. They will make you feel inferior but they will do it with a cheeky smile on their face. You won't be the only one to experience this during your week. 

The only time you will look at social media is at the end of the day when you are uploading your selfies to make your friends jealous of your razor sharp tan lines and just how amazing the view is from the climb (that you got no where near becoming KOM on strava as the leader is probably from a Pro Team)

You can chat kit as much or as little as you like. There will always be one fellow camper who is happy to talk or listen about kit. 

In the evenings there is usually a seminar (or time to have a sleep without going to bed) from some of the leading coaches and experts available. Ask questions, analyse videos and data till your hearts content. The coach will be a better person to speak to than your husband/wife/3 year old. 

With good management of the week following your camp you will have time to spend with your loved ones and that will mean you are well on your way to achieving your season's goals. 

If you would like more information on the type of camps that I am involved in have a look at TriDynamic. Last year we had multiple 70.3 and Kona qualifyers, National Champions, numerous PB setting and race winners from super sprint to Iron Distance.

Don't be the person getting jealous looking at your friends' pictures.